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  3. Bu, W., Palmeri, D., Krishnan, R., Marin, R., Aris, V.M., Soteropoulos, P. and Lukac, D.M. (2008) Identification of Direct Transcriptional Targets of the Kaposiís sarcoma-associated herpesvirus Rta Lytic Switch Protein by conditional nuclear localization. Journal of Virology 82:10709-23.
  4. FontŠn, P., Aris, V., Alvarez, M.E., Ghanny, S., Cheng, J., Soteropoulos, P., Trevani, A., Pine, R. and Smith, I. (2008) Mycobacterium tuberculosis Sigma Factor E Regulon Modulates the Host Inflammatory Response. Journal of Infectious Diseases 198:877-85.
  5. Wei, J.J. and Soteropoulos, P. (2008) MicroRNA: a new tool for biomedical risk assessment and target identification in human uterine leiomyomas. Semin. Reprod. Med. 26:515-21.
  6. FontŠn, P., Aris, V., Ghanny, S., Soteropoulos, P. and Smith, I. (2008) The global transcriptional profile of Mycobacterium tuberculosis during THP-1 human macrophage infection. Infect Immun. 76:717-25.
  7. Douard, V., Cui, X.-L., Soteropoulos, P. and Ferraris, R.P. (2008) Overcoming developmental limitations to intestinal sugar transport. Endocrinology 149:409-23.
  8. Tkachenko, O., Shepard, J., Aris, V., Joy, A., Bello, A., Londono, I., Marku, J., Soteropoulos, P. and Peteroy-Kelly, M.A. (2007) A triclosan-ciprofloxacin cross-resistant mutant strain of Staphylococcus aureus displays an alteration in the expression of several cell membrane structural and functional genes. Research in Microbiology 158:651-8.
  9. Sampson, V.B., Rong, N.H., Han, J., Yang, Q.Y., Aris, V., Soteropoulos, P., Petrelli, N.J., Dunn, S.P. and Krueger, L.J. (2007) microRNA Let-7a Down Regulates the MYC Oncogene and Reverts MYC-induced Growth in Burkitt Lymphoma Cells. Cancer Research 67:9762-70.
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